Monday 2 January 2012

Happy New Year and Happy New Blog

So here I am again.  Yet another year and yet another blog.

In typical me style my last blog sort of imploded with my business as things went FAIL shaped which is why I am starting here again on Blogger.  I clearly love Google far too much and feel the need to hand over more of my personal information directly to them.

Just to be clear, as with the last one this blog is mostly going to be dedicated to the continued failure that happens as I bounce my way through existence.  As I seem to love failing^Wlearning a lot I figured I should continue the trend of writing about my continued adventures.

For those that missed the last blog and the posts just before it imploded here is a quick catch up.

  • I am a mixed up 80's kid from a broken home in central Scotland who is into computers and geeky stuff.
  • Never, ever have I taken the easy road to anything in life.  Yet I am amazingly lazy some times, good combination.
  • Sometime between 2010/2011 my little bubble imploded and I was forced to 'go have a word with myself'.
  • Now having been through lots of healing I am getting on with my life and trying to do what I can to make the world a better place and cause as little doom as possible along the way.

In summary, like everyone else in the world I have no idea what I am doing most days and am trying to do my best to get along in life and sometimes this leads to FAIL.  As with most bloggers I have some arrogant notion that my thoughts might be of some value to others and so instead of keeping all this fun to myself I post it up for the whole world to see.

While this blog is named Lazzurs FAIL it will not just be about my never ending FAIL but also about some of the awesome and fun things in my life and what I have been doing since the bubble burst.  If this all bores you too much then feel free to turn off your terminal, get off your ass and go for a walk in the park ;)

Peace, love and happiness.