Thursday 26 April 2012

Herb growing FAIL

Hello again internet based world,

This time in the interests of documenting my continued FAIL I figured I would write about my attempts to grow some herbs.

A while back I was wondering around the supermarket most likely in some sort of marketing induced haze and thinking about some tasty carrot and coriander soup, tis a simple favourite of mine.  So I wondered along to where the coriander plants are and found them to be as about expensive as just buying the soup pre-made.  Of course I would get some more soup out of the plant and a bag of carrots than a carton but a boy has to ask himself "just how much soup can one beard take".

On that occasion I decided to go along with my maker side and buy the plant, go home and put things in a pot. This worked out well, tasty soup was made and munched.  However ever since then I have been thinking I should go back to having a pot of it in the back garden.  Given my recent move into the countryside this seems like an even better idea now I have a massive garden and nothing really much to do with it.

Moving on I decided to have a chat with my dad as he is about as down with the growing things as a hobbit would be.  Now I have some seed trays sitting on my dining room window and I am just waiting for little shoots to come through.  See picture below.

Of course I can hear all of you in blog-land saying "but Lazzurs, surly it is too early to be blogging about your FAIL yet as you have not gotten to that".  Well I would say to you my blog reading friends that in plant growing FAIL is always going to happen.  In the trays you can see I honestly expect to be fortunate to get a few plants of each herb type growing to the stage where I can add them to some tasty noms.  Why, well let me list for you some of the FAIL I expect

  • Dead seeds
  • Too dry/too wet
  • Too hot/too cold
  • Root damage
The list could go on and as this little experiment goes on I will add to it.  However this is the joy of learning anything new.  At first you suck, and usually suck badly.  I wish I had documented my first attempts at changing the brakes on my car as a great example of this ;)  However as with anything else you get better over time with practice and I expect the same here.  To be clear this is not my first attempt ever at growing something, I have been here before with the help of others and so I do have a little experience in this area.  However most previous attempts were filled with so much FAIL it is almost not funny...almost :D

So the FAIL continues.

Peace, love and happiness to you all.

Sunday 15 April 2012

BBQ cleaning FAIL

A few years back now when I left my job to go start my own business I went and bought an outdoor gas grill.  I loved the thing.  Previously I had always bought those cheap charcoal grills that would last just long enough for one Scottish summer and then get another one the next year.

However one day I was in the middle of cooking myself some lunch and boom, my partner and I split up.  Needless to say the grill did not get much attention that day and to be honest I could not face going back to it for quite some time.  Given this it was left in an awful mess.

Finally today after taking in across country in this state I got the thing cleaned with the help of my drill and my wonderful new partner in crime.  It only took two years.

Next week I will be having my first family BBQ for my step mothers birthday and the weekend after that I will be having yet another to have my first small party in the new house.  Of course if you are crazy enough to be reading this and in the area on the 28th you are welcome to come along :D

I cannot wait to eat more tasty meats, cooked on cast iron outside in the beautiful English countryside.

Peace, love and happiness.

Friday 13 April 2012

Blog domain FAIL

Turns out even the FAIL blog can FAIL, lol.

I have clearly not had much time for blogging about FAIL recently, too busy not causing too much FAIL I guess.  However one FAIL I was told about recently was this very blog.  Someone mentioned, "Lazzurs, your blog just gives me a redirect loop" and I was all :(

Fixed now :D well at least I hope, going to test shortly once this post is out and my DNS cache that my chromebook uses has caught up.

In other news of my litttle life I have moved out into the middle of nowhere.  Like really, I have neighbours I can count on one hand and the nearest anything is over the hill and far away.  Sadly this also includes cellphone signal.  However the place is generally awesome and not living over 2 hours away from the office will allow me to get back to a somewhat more normal life or what ever that means for me.  Most likely more FAIL and blogging.

Hope the internet is the same lovely place I left it and if you are bored enough to read this I hope to be in touch soon as I know what with the cycle of sleeping/driving/working I have not been very social recently.  Heh social FAIL!


Peace, love and happiness.