Thursday, 26 April 2012

Herb growing FAIL

Hello again internet based world,

This time in the interests of documenting my continued FAIL I figured I would write about my attempts to grow some herbs.

A while back I was wondering around the supermarket most likely in some sort of marketing induced haze and thinking about some tasty carrot and coriander soup, tis a simple favourite of mine.  So I wondered along to where the coriander plants are and found them to be as about expensive as just buying the soup pre-made.  Of course I would get some more soup out of the plant and a bag of carrots than a carton but a boy has to ask himself "just how much soup can one beard take".

On that occasion I decided to go along with my maker side and buy the plant, go home and put things in a pot. This worked out well, tasty soup was made and munched.  However ever since then I have been thinking I should go back to having a pot of it in the back garden.  Given my recent move into the countryside this seems like an even better idea now I have a massive garden and nothing really much to do with it.

Moving on I decided to have a chat with my dad as he is about as down with the growing things as a hobbit would be.  Now I have some seed trays sitting on my dining room window and I am just waiting for little shoots to come through.  See picture below.

Of course I can hear all of you in blog-land saying "but Lazzurs, surly it is too early to be blogging about your FAIL yet as you have not gotten to that".  Well I would say to you my blog reading friends that in plant growing FAIL is always going to happen.  In the trays you can see I honestly expect to be fortunate to get a few plants of each herb type growing to the stage where I can add them to some tasty noms.  Why, well let me list for you some of the FAIL I expect

  • Dead seeds
  • Too dry/too wet
  • Too hot/too cold
  • Root damage
The list could go on and as this little experiment goes on I will add to it.  However this is the joy of learning anything new.  At first you suck, and usually suck badly.  I wish I had documented my first attempts at changing the brakes on my car as a great example of this ;)  However as with anything else you get better over time with practice and I expect the same here.  To be clear this is not my first attempt ever at growing something, I have been here before with the help of others and so I do have a little experience in this area.  However most previous attempts were filled with so much FAIL it is almost not funny...almost :D

So the FAIL continues.

Peace, love and happiness to you all.

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