Friday, 13 April 2012

Blog domain FAIL

Turns out even the FAIL blog can FAIL, lol.

I have clearly not had much time for blogging about FAIL recently, too busy not causing too much FAIL I guess.  However one FAIL I was told about recently was this very blog.  Someone mentioned, "Lazzurs, your blog just gives me a redirect loop" and I was all :(

Fixed now :D well at least I hope, going to test shortly once this post is out and my DNS cache that my chromebook uses has caught up.

In other news of my litttle life I have moved out into the middle of nowhere.  Like really, I have neighbours I can count on one hand and the nearest anything is over the hill and far away.  Sadly this also includes cellphone signal.  However the place is generally awesome and not living over 2 hours away from the office will allow me to get back to a somewhat more normal life or what ever that means for me.  Most likely more FAIL and blogging.

Hope the internet is the same lovely place I left it and if you are bored enough to read this I hope to be in touch soon as I know what with the cycle of sleeping/driving/working I have not been very social recently.  Heh social FAIL!


Peace, love and happiness.

1 comment:

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