Sunday 16 June 2013

Random FAIL

Bless me blog land for it has been many days since my last blog.

So what has been happening in the land of FAIL you ask, well here is a quick list.

- Hoover FAIL

Basically we noticed that the hoover  was not picking up as expected.  Me being me I decided to have a look and noticed that the belt driving the bottom brush was broken.  I went on to ebay and bought two replacements which worked for about 10 seconds.  The reason the belt had broken was the spindle that drives the belt had somehow rusted.  Sadly this is directly attached to the motor and the motor replacement cost more than a reconditioned hoover.  The old hoover has now been relegated to car and dog room cleaning as the hose attachments still work.

- Phone FAIL

My Pre 2 that I loved FAIL.  First it started with the headphone socket, then the silence switch and finally it started dropping calls when I slid the screen up to answer.  In some good news however I was able to get a new Pre 3 from the wonderful ebay for a very good price and a one year warranty from HP.  It is the best WebOS device out there and I am even typing this blog post on it :)

- Ticket booking FAIL

In some lovely news I have been with my partner for a whole year.  As such we decided to go on a date last weekend, a part of which was going to see Frankie Boyle live in Portsmouth.  We decided to do this after he tweeted he was going to Portsmouth to do a gig that day.  I clicked on the link and purchased the tickets as fast as I can.  What I did not notice until we got to the box office that I had booked the tickets for the next day.  Like our very first date our anniversary date had a little doom.  We decided to catch the latest Snow White movie that night and make it into a two day date and if you are wondering, Frankie Boyle was amazing that night :)

- Therapy FAIL

For those that followed my last blog you will know that I spent some time seeing a counsellor.  Sadly I have not been back and I should have been by now.  The problem is two fold.  One is distance, I am currently far away from my previous counsellor.  Second is choosing a new counsellor is hard, choosing the first one was easy but I would prefer to stick with them.

- Transparancy FAIL

Finally I have not been fully transparent.  I believe in transparency but I also believe in controlling how I do it.  This means not taking the lazy route and just posting everything on Facebook as a stream.

This was a saved draft of FAIL, I decided to publish as most of it was still relevant.  There has been some interesting FAIL since this and I will publish more FAIL as I have the time.

Peace, love and happiness.