Sunday, 15 April 2012

BBQ cleaning FAIL

A few years back now when I left my job to go start my own business I went and bought an outdoor gas grill.  I loved the thing.  Previously I had always bought those cheap charcoal grills that would last just long enough for one Scottish summer and then get another one the next year.

However one day I was in the middle of cooking myself some lunch and boom, my partner and I split up.  Needless to say the grill did not get much attention that day and to be honest I could not face going back to it for quite some time.  Given this it was left in an awful mess.

Finally today after taking in across country in this state I got the thing cleaned with the help of my drill and my wonderful new partner in crime.  It only took two years.

Next week I will be having my first family BBQ for my step mothers birthday and the weekend after that I will be having yet another to have my first small party in the new house.  Of course if you are crazy enough to be reading this and in the area on the 28th you are welcome to come along :D

I cannot wait to eat more tasty meats, cooked on cast iron outside in the beautiful English countryside.

Peace, love and happiness.


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